» Investor: HB Group

» Location: An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

» Managed and operated by: BHMAsia and ONYX Group

» Floor area: 400ha

» Total investment: More than $1.5 billion

» Products: 198 apartments and 12 villas

» Retail area: 20,000m2

With the philosophy of sustainable development, HBCI aims to build New Hoi An City into a completely different resort paradise.

That is the heritage urban planning in the way: To build a new city that does not lose the core traditional foundation, cultural value is the red thread connecting the past, present and future. To take people and the environment as a center, focusing on local culture, creating conditions for developing sustainable and environmentally friendly community. By 2020, with the completion of 5,000 world-famous rooms & eco-complexes, HBCI expect to raise GDP in Hoi An up to $3,000 and welcome 5 million visitors per year.

New Hoi An City will be the top destination, bringing sustainable profits to investors.

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