Wallowing in sunshine, cool ocean waters, smooth sandy beaches and pleasant climate at Oceanami Villas & Beach Club – only 90 minutes driving from Ho Chi Minh City. Leaning against the green mountain ranges, located in a 22-hectare area, Oceanami Villas & Beach Club covers itself a sophisticated and modern architecture with a unique structure stretching along the ridge to the pristine coastline.

Leave problems behind, enjoy a peaceful life on 700m smooth sandy beach, listen to the gentle waves of the ocean or swim in the huge interactive pool with the area of 2,000m2. After that, dispel the stress with the relaxation and beauty courses at SHO Spa. Don’t forget to enjoy a rich and diverse cuisine paradise at 5 restaurants, lounges and bars. Especially, Oceanami Beach Club aims to be a top leading entertainment beach in Vietnam.

The resort has absolutely separated itself from smoke, dust and noise of the city. Oceanami Villas & Beach Club located on Long Hai beach that is completely isolated from the crowded tourist attractions in Vung Tau. The villas are surrounded by green mountain ranges, long beaches and large spaces of over 22 hectares. With the spirit of bringing nature into living space, each separate villa with 3-4 bedrooms is designed with soft colors, providing fresh air to every corner, equipped with modern facilities.

Oceanami is also highlighted by its new and modern features, spacious space for indoor and outdoor activities, high-class entertainment services, beautiful natural landscapes with high mountains, blue sea, sunshine providing you with interesting experiences, satisfying every need: Comfort – separate – novelty that many companies are looking to organize team building.

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