Located in Kiem Village, Lam Son Commune, Luong Son District, Hoa Binh Province, 47 km from the center to the West, close to the important national highway 6 connecting Hanoi city to the West, Lam Son Villas & Resort lucky owns a key location easily going to nearby tourism attractions such as Viet Muong cultural tourism attraction, Phoenix golf course, Thang Thien Waterfall, etc.

Lam Son Villas & Resort is an eco-urban area combining comfortable and high-class resorts with natural beauty and characteristics of Muong ethnic culture. It can be said that Lam Son Villas & Resort deserves the first choice for tourists.

With a total area of 66 hectares, designed in 4-star standard including 160 separated villas, 78 bugalows, 80 4-star hotel rooms and 1 5-star lakeside resort.

The most highlight of Lam Son Villas & Resort is the 9 ivory villas designed by the talent architect, Philli Kozely, located on 3 hills with creative design showing high-class and luxury affirming the owners’ position.

The 2-storey villas are built on the area of 400m2 with 3 bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. The villas are specially designed with private swimming pools, designed in a sophisticated 5-star resort standard. The outward space makes it favorable to have outdoor parties with family and friends.

In Lam Son Villas & Resort, visitors can wander and go sightseeing of the midlands, rowing on the lake, experiencing minigolf or relaxing, having health care at the spa, massage with experienced staff, etc.

It can be said that Lam Son Villas & Resort is opening a new opportunity, bringing visitors a full and modern life in a luxurious villa and in a harmonious living space.

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