Phu Cat City 

 Tháng Một 30, 2019

By  philong


  • Project name: Phu Cat City Villa
  • Address: Bac Phu Cat Urban Area, Thach Hoa, Thach That, Hanoi.
  • Investor: Thanh Hung Construction Company Ltd
  • Guaranteed by: NCB
  • Project legal: Permanent red book


  • Total area of project land: Total area of project land 190.536 m2
  • Type of development: 3 high-rise apartment buildings and 352 villas
  • Housing land: 98,168 m2
  • Mixed high-rise housing land: 8,689 m2
  • Villa land: 89,479 m2
  • Land for public works: 3,759 m2
  • Land for green trees and landscapes: 4,824 m2
  • Land for green trees along streams and water surfaces: 19,299 m2
  • Land for traffic and stone embankment: 64,486 m2


  • Address: Thach Hoa Commune – Thach That – Hanoi
    Phu Cat City villa project is located in Lang Hoa Lac satellite urban area, next to the intersection between Thang Long Avenue and Highway 21, about 30km from Hanoi center (30p driving)

  • Location: Thach Hoa Commune – Thach That – Hanoi
  • Adjacent to the main road: Thang Long Avenue, Highway 21
  • North: adjacent to Bac Phu Cat residential area
  • South: adjacent to Phu Cat Commune residential area
  • West: adjacent to Highway 21
  • East: adjacent to Hoa Lac High-Tech Park

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