Tháng Một 30, 2019

By  philong

On October 22, 2018, in the beautiful beach city of Ha Long, MSH Group celebrated our 3rd anniversary. For 3 years of operation, MSH Group has achieved achievements and stable growth in term of market share, customers and especially the revenue in accordance with the target plan of the Executive Board and the team of experienced and enthusiasm personnel to fulfill the company’s missions.

In the afternoon of October 22, 2008, all employees of MSH Group had a Team building session which clearly reflected the leadership and solidarity through unexpected connection games and various interesting challenges. These moments brought funs and happiness reflected with smiles, hugs, the eyes of the MSH-ers to each other.     


After the team building with many activities, in the evening, MSH Group had a Gala Dinner on occasion of 3-year anniversary, people all shared their journeys and activities as well as set their goals for the next year. The Executive Board and MSH-ers cut the cake and cheer up to celebrate 3-year-old birthday all together.

In addition, the Executive Board of MSH Group also rewarded individuals and groups who have worked and accompanied with the Group for years. The awards for traveling to Phuong Hoang Co Tran are the heart and appreciate for their efforts from MSH Group.

And to celebrate MSH Group’s 3-year anniversary, MSH-ers who worked by all their heart and played with their all strength also had many talents to contribute in the MSH – Next Top Model and MSH – Got Talent with many attractive and special items.

Closing the Gala Dinner night, the Executive Board and all employees of MSH Group surely had great moments, had funs, tears, laughters, and most of all, with MSH group, we are family.

MSH Group đơn vị đầu tư, phát triển BĐS hàng đầu

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