MSH Group – Golden sponsor for FUTURIZTIC NIGHT

To back up an appointment, the annual blockbuster event every student of RMIT University expects will be back on December 7, 2018 at the Nexttop Lounge – Daewoo Hotel – 360 Kim Ma – Ba Dinh – Hanoi. FUTURIZTIC NIGHT program is not only an event to congratulate successful graduates, but it is also an end-year event so that students have opportunities to exchange and relieve stress after a long year of study and challenging exams. 

With the motto “work hard, play hard”, MSH Group is honored to be a gold sponsor for FUTURIZTIC NIGHT program to help students of RMIT University have an event night with “full fun”. 

MSH Group representative received the certificate of gold sponsor from the Organization Board


In addition, MSH Group also offers new graduates the 1-0-2 job opportunity at MSH Group at many positions such as business senior staff, telesale staff, business leaders, content marketing, maketing leader…

For more information, place contact: 1900 588 886