Charity Journey of MSH Care Charitable Fund at the National Burn Hospital 

 Tháng Một 30, 2019

By  philong

Continuing the charity journey of MSH Care, on 27/12/2018 the representatives of MSH Group visited the National Burn Hospital at No. 263 Phung Hung (Ha Dong, Hanoi). Here, the representatives and doctors visited each patient room to encourage and give gifts to burnt patients with difficult circumstances, especially the children, the future owners of our country.

The burnt patients are mostly the poor, with expensive treating cost, they cannot afford by themselves, so the charity team hopes that the charitable fund will help light up the hope of the patients and their family at the Burn Hospital.

Recognizing that the benefits of the company are always associated with those of the community, MSH Group and its member companies have been making their best efforts for a stable and developed business environment for the community benefits through its commitments.

In the upcoming time, the MSH Care fund will continue to maintain charity activities and implement many meaningful programs with larger scale, join hands to share with difficult lives, contributing to spreading the spiritual values and precious humanity to build a better community.


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